About Our Company

ÇETİNSAN, was founded in 1994 in Mersin Industrial Area by Mr. Metin Çetin to commence its Steel Construction, Manufacturing and Installation activities. In 2000 with partnership participation of Mr. Kamil Ertüzün the company has expanded its scope and engaged an important position in the business of oil storage facilities of all petroleum companies in Turkey after manufacturing the storage tanks for the filling facilities of OPET Petroleum, Inc. in Mersin.

Starting its business activities almost two decades ago and providing services in construction, engineering, consultation, manufacturing and installation fields, ÇETİNSAN, Inc. has continuously developed its investments to take its outstanding place as a leading name amongst region’s fast growing companies that have significant contributions in employment. One of the essential indications of this is ÇETİNSAN Inc.’s taking its place in the first ten record holding taxpaying firms in Mersin for the year 2007 and in the first eight in 2008. Metin Çetin was awarded with the “Year’s Businessman Encouragement Prize” in 2007 and ‘Year’s Businessman Prize’ in 2008 by MESIAD (Mersin Industrialists and Businessmen Association) for achievements and investments he has made.

Holding under its structure the area’s largest steel manufacturing, sandblasting and painting unit with the highest capacity, with its 350 employees, at the 20.000 square meters fabric area and 12.000 square meters of which is enclosed area, computer aided machinery and heavy equipment ÇETİNSAN is now capable and highly qualified to process about 20.000 tons of steel per annum and is a leading name of the sector with the three million cubic meter petroleum terminals it has built all over Turkey. Acting within environmental consciousness and sensitivity, Çetinsan Inc. is making investments that are considered sample ones for the other companies operating in this field of business. “Health, Safety and Environment Protection (HSEP)” studies at Çetinsan are adopted as a basic principle. The goal is to produce and offers quality products and services conforming to both National and International norms and specifications. One of the most important reasons for Çetinsan’s being a preferable name rests in the firm’s perfect customer – focused quality system. Çetinsan, with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, is the name of quality with the international quality certificates under the light of resource efficiency.

Since the date of its establishment,Çetinsan which had always succeeded to be the symbol of reliability and quality at home and abroad,with its specialized staff,has expanded its range of investments targeted to grow bigger and bigger,create employment resources,provide contribution to the country’s economy,be mentioned and make an impression home and abroad with what it does and put its name amongst corporations operating in this area of business.