Serving in the fields of construction, engineering, manufacturing and assembly, Çetinsan A.Ş. is one of the companies in the region that grows rapidly by continuously improving its investments and contributing significantly to employment.
Fuel Plant Construction Works
  • Silindirik Tank Ringwall Temel ve ya Radye Temel İşleri
  • Bundwall Construction
  • Saha Betonu İnşaat İşleri
  • Tesis içi bina inşaatları
  • Basınçlı Kap (Yatay tip ya da Silindirik Tip) Kaide Tipi ya da pabuç tipi temel işleri
    Çelik Yapılara ait Radye temel ya da inşaat temelleri
    Fuel Plant Tanks field piping works
    Fuel Plant Jetty Area and Subsea piping works
    Refinery CS, stainless and pressure special piping works
    Storage Tank Heating Systems Manufacturing and Installation (Serpantin)
    Manufacturing and assembly works of aboveground and underground storage tanks in desired capacities and sizes. Natural gas pipelines, gas conversion systems contracting works. Manufacturing and assembly works of land, sea and underground process pipelines. High pressure, medium pressure and low pressure gas distribution networks production constructions. Fuel stations manufacturing and assembly works. Tank and pipeline insulation works. Sandblasting and preliminary paint works under factory conditions and sandblasting and painting works of the construction site All kinds of steel construction manufacturing and assembly works. Equipment assemblies. Commissioning the relevant facilities, facilities; maintenance and repair, sandblasting painting, automation, electrical, hardware project contracting works.
    Design and Engineering
    Steel and Reinforced Static Analysis, 3D Modeling, Manufacturing and Assembly Projects Creation

    Creating Low Pressure and Atmospheric Storage Tanks design report, 3D Modeling, Manufacturing and Assembly Projects;
    Pressure Vessel (EN / PED, ASME) Tanks design report, production and assembly projects;
    Design of Chimney and Channel Systems
    Pipeline design report creation, isometry and spoolation
    Silo and Bunker design report, 3D Modeling, Manufacturing and Assembly Projects
    Steel Construction
    Steel Construction Bridge Manufacturing and Installation
    Stadium Roof and Facade Steel Works Manufacturing and Installation
    Steel Skyscraper type structures
    Pipe Bridges
    Tank Works
    Storage Tank Works for Fuel Oil, Refinery, Chemical and Industrial Facilities, Thermal Power Plant and Nuclear Facilities
  • Aboveground Cylindrical Storage Tanks Manufacturing and Installation
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Pressurized / unpressurized Horizontal type storage drums
  • Spherical type (LPG / Ammonia) storage tanks
  • Cryogenic Storage Tanks Manufacturing and Installation
    Low Pressure Storage (according to API 620) Tanks Manufacturing and Installation
    LNG Tank Installation Works
    EPC Works (Turnkey)
    Fuel Storage Facilities
    Chemical Storage Facilities
    Chemical and Grain Storage Silo and Bunker Manufacturing and Installation
    Equipment and Instrument Installation Works
    Turbine Installation Works
    High Capacity Pump Installation Works
    Equipment Installation for high tonnages
    Reactor Installation
    Coating and Insulation
    Storage Tank Insulation Works
    Pipeline Insulation Works
    Insulation Works for Special Equipment
    Roof and Siding of Steel Construction Buildings